straydog733 replied to your post “I’m sorry you’re having such a rough night/day/time. Hope that stuffs gets sorted out soon and the home situation gets calmer. *hug*”

Well, always feel free to vent, because those are tricky, but rewarding, steps.

Ha! Dude, you couldn’t stop me from venting. But thanks. Hopefully I can get this shit sorted soon.

onlyhalfawitch replied to your post “It’s great because even with this shiny new full time job I can’t…”

aw dude Im sorry Ash :/family shit sucks balls. im here if you need me for anything

Thanks Morgs. I’m a lot calmer now, I just need to figure out where the fuck I can live. It might be time to hit up some old high school peeps. Surely someone we went to school with wouldn’t mind living with me? Maybe? 

straydog733 asked:
I'm sorry you're having such a rough night/day/time. Hope that stuffs gets sorted out soon and the home situation gets calmer. *hug*

Thanks. It’s not completely out of left field, I’ve been trying to move out for like, four years. It just hasn’t happened because I’ve never had the means to support myself. I could, now, if I go the roomie route and work weekends a little more. 

Honestly, I’m just scared and hurt. My dad told me I was always welcome here, no matter what. I should have known he was full of shit. 

Urgh *rubs face*. This is gonna be a good thing though. I need to be out of here. I got too comfortable. It’s time to take another big girl step into adulthood.

NO you know what? It all started because after five fucking times of me asking them to give me the fucking insurance information so I could find a fucking doctor to see about this (now spreading) allergic reaction I had to some hair removal shit. 

Because I apparently should be spending that money more wisely. Like by giving it to my parents. Also, I should think about how THEY feel. Since they’re so god damn considerate of how I feel, y’know. 

It’s great because even with this shiny new full time job I can’t afford to move out. Maybe if I had a roommate, but the only person I know who’s out on their own is Hannah, and her fucking boyfriend’s brother is SO WELCOME even though she’s told me before he isn’t responsible at all and KYLE barely knows him and she knows him even less but it’S OKAY and fuck your best friend who does her best to make sure you’re taken care of right?

Can’t live with any of my other friends because they all live way the fuck out of state and who even knows if they could deal with my bullshit.

It all fucking started because I told my mom I wasn’t taking a mini semester class over winter break. I told her I wanted a break which is apparently the worst thing ever and it all lead into a big rant about how fucking disgusting I am and how it’s caused my parents to fight before and 

I wish I could say I can’t believe it, but I really can. I believe it.

Well. You know how I just mentioned being grateful for being able to live at home with my parents?

Apparently I have overstayed my welcome. I’m an embarrassment. They want me out.

i-am-runner-five replied to your post “So I’m sure quite a few of you guys are aware that I’ve had some very…”

The haunted CD one scared me so bad I didn’t go out for a run past 6 in the evening for 3 months

Dude yes, that jump scare was so bad my heart was hurting afterward, but once I was home I was okay. The jumping zombies one though? The very end? It stuck with me and just made me SO UNCOMFORTABLE. It fucked with my brain man.

I saw that the Radio Abel hoodie was potentially making a comeback. I went to check it out on teespring and went "$38?!?!?! Fuck nah."

And then I saw that it only need one more reservation to be placed to relaunch.

I thought about my Radio Babies.

I bought the fucking hoodie.


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